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Vector images use mathematical equations to define each component of an image.

This allows vector images to retain their high-quality at any size. Programs like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, or Adobe Freehand uses vector graphics. Vector images should be used for all text and logos if possible. They result in the clearest image and can be re-sized without losing resolution.

A raster image is composed of a collection of tiny dots called pixels. When these pixels are small, and placed close together, they fool the eye into forming a single image. Raster images work great when subtle gradations of colour are necessary. Because they contain a fixed number of pixels, a major disadvantage of raster images is that their quality suffers when they are enlarged or otherwise transformed.

We would also recommend fonts and logos to be vector for print with maximum clarity.


Red and Orange are also problematic on press because the two colours are close together in the CMYK spectrum.

In order to ensure the two colours come up the correct tones, leave at least 15% differences in your Magenta and Yellow Values.

For example:


For print to look Red, Magenta > Yellow by 15%
For print to look Orange, Magenta < Yellow by 15%


To achieve a rich black, we will recommend the values C30, M20, Y20, K100.


We ask that all artwork files have a maximum file size of 250 megabytes.

This is to ensure that there are no delays in your turnaround due to file retrieval and processing time. If your file is larger than 250 megabytes, we recommend compressing and optimizing your file.

If this is not possible, please provide us your file via CD, DVD, USB flash drives or another form of storage device.


A 1/8” bleed is required on all four sides of your artwork.

Bleed is extended artwork on all sides of the artwork to allow for cutter variance. Items such as background and design elements should always extend out of the trim margin.

Failing to provide bleed information and crop marks can result in the printed product showing a thin area of white on the edge.

If your file does not consist of bleed, it will be rejected by our prepress department and we will request for a new file with bleed. This can result in delaying the completion of your job.



Safe Margins are 1/16” away from the cut line.

Safe margins are guidelines that help you keep important elements of your design away from the edge of your artwork so that text and images will not be cut off when trimmed down to the final size.


We are limited to a maximum ink coverage of 300%, anything over may result in many print related problems such as cracking.

Ensure your artwork does not exceed 300% ink coverage. 

Blues and Purples have always been a problem in the printing industry because the two colours are so close together in the CMYK spectrum.

In order to ensure the two colours come up the correct tones, leave at least 15% differences in your Cyan and Magenta Values.

For example: C100/M85/Y0/K0
For print to look Blue, Cyan > Magenta by 15%
For print to look Purple, Cyan < Magenta by 15%


We strongly recommend you prepare your file as a High-Resolution PDF File with Bleed - CMYK at 300 dpi.



Cancelling a job is not always possible. We are only able to cancel an order if the job has not yet entered production.

To request a job cancellation, simply submit your request along with the item number of the job that you need cancelled to

If the job has not yet entered production, we will be able to pull the job and credit back the cost of the job as a credit voucher.


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At Online Printing Canada, we offer various turnaround options to ensure that your jobs are produced as quickly as you need the job.



In order for individual jobs to be shipped together they must be ordered at the same time within the same order.

We cannot combine different orders that were placed in separate shopping carts. 

Online Printing Canada cannot split shipments. Each shopping cart can be shipped to only one location.

To send items to various locations, please order using multiple shopping carts, each cart going to a specific location (place each order separately).